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Charles E. Matar

Charles Matar has been an innovator and visionary person since a young age growing up in Kuwait Lebanon and Egypt before moving to the United States. He has taken challenges head on and has created synergies and alliances that were only the dreams of others. As an international consultant to many world class companies, he has cultivated relationships between diverse industries resulting in a high level of success and respect in the business world.

Mr. Matar has founded Agility Gas Technologies to make what is impossible in the gas transportation industry a reality and create windows of trade among nations in the rich gas trade.

Previously as Vice-President of Synfuels International and currently a Marketing consultant for Synfuels International within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) his focus was on managing strategic marketing and licensing of Synfuels GTL and GTE technologies, as well as supporting the efforts of Synfuels’ agents and partners. In the past as President of a CEM Global Marketing a consulting firm specializing in international business development, Mr. Matar has successfully advised a number of international companies and led multi-million dollar expansion projects in several industries. As VP of International Development for ALAhram Beverages (ABC), Mr. Matar arranged the largest ever beverage distribution contract with Saudi Arabia which led to a success for Heineken. Mr. Matar holds a B.Sc. in Finance and a M.Sc. in International Marketing, and is fluent in Arabic and several Middle Eastern dialects. Mr. Matar is very familiar with the region’s geography as well as the laws and traditions.

Charles Matar believes that philanthropy is essential in ones life and supports many charities local and international. He serves as board trustee for Family Promise of Bergen, and board advisor for Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, and Several Sources Shelters. He is also the Chairman of the board for the Matthew 18:5 Foundation that supports multiple Charities that serve Children around the world.

Charles Matar was awarded by the State of NewJersey the Community Leadership award for 2014.

Edward Peterson Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Peterson, is a Technical Advisor to Agility Gas with 30+ years of experience in the oil, gas and chemical industries, ranging from basic research to process engineering of major chemical and petroleum plant upgrades. Currently with [KBR], he has also worked for Shell Global Solutions, GE Energy, Dow Chemical, Conoco, KBR and S&B Engineers and Constructors. Dr. Peterson received his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in 1985 and his M.S. from Rice University in 1981, both in Chemical Engineering. He is also a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He provides Agility Gas with expertise in Engineering Science and Process Engineering Fundamentals while assisting in development of its intellectual property. Dr. Peterson has 23 US patents, most of which were developed specifically for Synfuels in areas encompassing reactor design, process improvements and catalytic hydrogenation.

Zack Barnes

Zack Barnes is the Intellectual Property Asset Advisor to Agility Gas, providing IP portfolio development, competitive intelligence, and asset management expertise. He brings 15+ years experience in international IP asset development and management for clients in the cosmetics, waste treatment, transportation, solar, oilfield services, and alternative fuels industries. Currently, he is managing the drilling fluid IP portfolio for a Houston-based oilfield services company and his own small businesses. Mr. Barnes graduated the University of Texas with a BS in Molecular Biology, and a Master's in Nanomaterials before joining a wastewater handling venture. Upon completing a short sale of the venture's IP assets, he spent 7 years as a Technical Advisor at Conley Rose, P.C., collaborating with Dr. Peterson on multiple occasions.


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